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What can you do about pain during sex?

By 5th August 2016 One Comment

Experimentation is the key to dealing with pain. Choose alternative positions and times when you try to be intimate. Going slowly and gently connecting with your body in a way that’s acceptable for you. It’s about bringing play, fun and closeness without relying too heavily on penetrative sex if this is painful.

We offer alternatives for those experiencing sexual pain, to help you explore sensitive areas without causing discomfort or further soreness. Whether used alone or in couples, outside or inside the female erogenous area, each item is designed to heal. By stimulating nerves, increasing blood flow and your own natural lubrication, you can gain confidence in your sexual body.

This woman hadn’t had sex with her husband for over five years as it was just too painful: “I was scared, my husband was scared and I felt very unattractive. Then after trying the Midori at first on my own and then together it really helped us. It’s shaped like a pebble and very soft so I could avoid painful penetration but still experience pleasure, which was almost immediately! Using this product has brought us back together and we forgot why we had not been intimate for so long.

Have you experienced sexual pain? How have you overcome it? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

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