When body and mind feel like they’ve been fractured, communication is key. Sexual appetites may have changed, or you might simply feel differently about your body. Talking about these issues with a medical professional, partner, or friend can feel awkward at first, but in the right conditions, it can help strengthen your sexual confidence.

Book a 30 minute exploration session to talk about your unique issues in a way that helps you navigate what help you want and to create a plan of action for how to move forwards.


Wabi-Sabi is the Japanese tradition of acceptance of transience and imperfection. It celebrates the passage of time and its sublime damages. It motions us to search for the inherent beauty in imperfection and embrace life’s natural cycles. When we face challenges we can sometimes feel stuck or broken. This can be especially true when it relates to our minds, emotions, bodies and relationships. The wounds we develop in life can feel raw and painful. The art of repair called Kintugi teaches us to bring back the pieces of our lives and glue them with gold to give them golden scars. Our scars tell our story and in our sexual lives they deserve to be looked at without shame. In the Wabi-Sabi sessions we celebrate who we are fully and all the parts that make up our distinct identity and find the beauty in who we are and how our story has unfolded. Together we accept and appreciate ourselves as whole and content just as we are. We re-compose your sexual narratives to feel pride in your entirety.

Our treatment packages come in differing sizes depending on how much help you feel you want. You can book one, six or twelve sessions. These sessions can be booked flexibly to suit your lifestyle and pace. We will address each section of the plan you created in the exploration session. You will also have homework exercises to work on between sessions. Together we will tailor the solutions to suit how you want your sexual story to develop and grow.


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A Transformative Workshop
with Hilary Belcher and Jess Bigogno

Join us on March 1st for a journey of self-discovery and
relationship enhancement as we delve into the intricate
interplay between anxiety and intimacy.

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