Iroha Yuki


Discover arched curves of vibrating pleasure with Yuki. Designed to sit in the vestibule, it can stimulate the pelvic region or relax it; even helping you reduce the chances of fusion of the lips if you are swollen and sore. Built to excite nerve endings concentrated around the entrance to the vagina, gently encouraging blood and natural moisture to aid movement, these tools help to slowly introduce sexual pleasure after experiences of pain or tightness.


Product Description

Iroha are all beautifully sleek and discreetly rechargeable vibrating massagers. Each offers a unique seducing feel, close to the tactility of skin. Balancing healing powers with gentle tenderness. All massagers produce multiple vibration strengths from simple two-button controls. Quiet pulses build desire.

The Iroha range opens opportunities to explore pleasurable sensations with a variety of sizes and shapes. All the range build arousal whether used outside or inside the female erogenous area.