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When sex just feels difficult

By 15th July 2016 One Comment

Sometimes sex can feel tense, painful or you may find it difficult to climax. Our products are soft, tactile and something you’d actually want to use in a delicate area. Explore your body with control using the smallest tip of the Minimo and practicing relaxation, building up gradually to inserting further. This can be used in conjunction with or as an alternative to medical dilators. Or you could use the Midori to build confidence in your body first.

One women living with pain had this to say: “The Midori  is very soft and gentle on my skin. It stayed in place so that my husband and I were able to be intimate together, kissing and caressing each other. Physically I’m still in a lot of pain but I’m eager to continue to use this product to get my sex life back on track. It’s made me much more relaxed and positive about sex in the future.

One Comment

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