Vacuum Controller


For a limited time only – get a FREE Deep Throat Aircup when you buy the new Vacuum Controller.

Vacuum control at your fingertips! The Vacuum Controller allows you to manipulate vacuum pressure inside the Aircup through a simple button-press! Experience Suction like none other! Here we offer a Pleasure Solutions alternative to the vacuum pump.

While ON, the Vacuum Controller will gradually build up vacuum strength. Pressing and holding the release button during this time will release internal vacuum pressure to allow weaker suction. Releasing the button will once again allow the Vacuum Controller to build up vacuum strength. Enjoy a varying, dynamic sensation. Powerful suction brings blood to the penis and keeps tissues healthy and this device could be combined with drug treatments for erectile dysfunction.


Product Description

• Run time: approx. 70 min.
• Powered by 4 x AAA Batteries (batteries sold separately)
• Body size (mm) Vacuum Controller: 90.3 (D) × 77.1 (W) × 117.8 (H)/ 163 Regular adapter: 82 (D) × 77 (W) × 50.2 (H) / 48g
• Vacuum strength sensation is subjective and may differ from person to person.
• ONLY Compatible with Vacuum Compatible CUP Products. Non-compatible items may cause damage.

Additional information

Cup Series

Deep Throat Cup, Double Hole, Rolling Head, Soft Tube