The Air Tech Cup


The Reusable Vacuum CUP VC is not only compatible with TENGA’s new Vacuum Controller, but is also designed to provide a supreme suction sensation even on its own! This is made possible due to the new internal structure and sleeve-holder-band! This is an updated and superior device for masturbation. Now users with the TENGA Vacuum Controller can enjoy a reusable item, and even those without, won’t miss out on great sensations!

The Air Tech Cup combines the effects of suction and easy manipulability so you can choose a self-pleasure technique that works for you.

The Air Tech Cup provides different intensity and options for controlling pleasure, while all products feature an advanced Air-Flow Structure. This allows air to escape upon insertion by trapping pockets of air in a powerful vacuum to keep stimulation strong.

These are ideal alternatives to pumps, helping you practice keeping an erection.


Product Description

Masturbation is an important way to keep blood flowing into the tissues of the penis – keeping it strong and healthy.  Perhaps you just feel different from before or you may have noticed a difference in size when it’s aroused. We at Pleasure Solutions offer a range of products that can be used alone or with a partner to rebuild strength and control.

Additional information

Cup Series

Deep Throat Cup, Double Hole, Rolling Head, Soft Tube