About Us

Living with less intimacy can feel like you’re on a journey into the unknown. We know how easy it is to feel lost, but we also know how rewarding it can be to take back control of your body when you’re ready.

At Pleasure Solutions we work closely with both medical professionals and people who’ve experienced health issues to design safe, sensory sex tools that help you to connect with your body.

Change goes deeper than the physical. It’s emotional. It’s psychological. It’s part of who you are. We know embracing the changes in intimacy can be one of the most challenging parts of feeling ‘you’ again.

So whether you’re on the road to recovery or living with the realities of health concerns, we’re developing ways to build your confidence and reveal a new path to satisfaction.

Learning about your own body, exploring what’s possible with a partner, connecting with control – Pleasure Solutions is all about every part of you. Helping you understand what pleasure means now.

The Team

Bill Narey

Company Director

Bill has 30-years of experience in the supply, development and production of medical devices and now leads a worldwide anesthesia delivery company.

Bill believes in looking beyond treatment to enhance quality of life. That’s where he and Hilary share common ground.

Looking for the next step the pair talked extensively around how to bring intimacy into mainstream healthcare planning and in 2015 they started to develop Pleasure Solutions.

Hilary Belcher

Research and Development Director

Hilary’s professional life has taken her from studying cultural differences in sexual fantasies to understanding just how powerfully someone can long for sexual contact when they feel denied it. After seeing how life events can affect people’s relationship with sex, she felt compelled to use her expertise to make a positive impact.

She met Bill in her previous role, where they discovered a shared passion to improve patient care. Hilary believes in empowering people to build new intimacy with their own body, or with a partner.

Both Hilary and Bill believe everyone has the right to reach a quality of life they’re satisfied with, and at these testing times simple things can make a big difference.